(A) The Supremelinens Story

The Supremelinens story is quite simple; We offer you more for less?

We offer generous size in comparison to conventional size with an outstanding product luxuriousness at competitive prices.  The extra wee inches will ensure retention after several washing processes and that the product continues to deliver sustainably to expectations over time. Steadily, this story is catching on and are inspired by it all. Ultimately our aim is to ensure that each and every item we carry in our collection, or make specially for you, is simple, sustainable and stunning.

We have been able to achieve these excellent craftsmanship through our work in partnership with our own dedicated production and manufacturing units in Nantong and Turkey to craft all items to specifications, using a combination of traditional and cutting-edge technologies. Our craftsmanship is evident not just in our style, but also in the features of the sewing and cuts which gives it a bit of swag, bringing out the best in each piece of fabric.

All our products have a luxury feel, bespoke appeal, with a hand checked quality control process to give you the best product service at very competitive prices.

(B) Where to find the inspiration for a suitable and appropriate linen Design

(1) A good place to look at is @supremlinens. Our Instagram page is littered with great photos and layouts of regular and up to date contents to help you out in making your choice. -Load several pictures of great images of interaction of people with linen ( can you source these pix-white, Asian, Arab if you can)

(2) A tour of Hotels or domestic homes is a great start. Our gallery is a good base upon which you can build up your requirements.

(3) Supremelinens product brochure